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Wheat Farmer
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Wheat farming is a job that can be assigned to colonists. Wheat farmers will plant and harvest wheat on a farm, with a maximum range of 10x10. Wheat farmers require a crate to access the stockpile, or they will cease working. Wheat is worth 1200 calories when turned into bread and takes two days of in-game time to grow. It is fully grown once it reaches a light golden-brown colour. Wheat itself is less efficient to farm than berry farming, however, it can be used by the miller to create flour, and then by the baker to create bread worth 3 food, which is much more efficient than berry farming.

Wheat farmers wear olive-colored clothing.

Efficiency:[edit | edit source]

Wheat farmers take two days to complete harvest and thus are not ideal for starving colonies. However, working with a well-fed colony, wheat farms are the keys to prosperity. Millers take 12 wheat and convert it into 12 flour, ultimately meaning that 100 wheat will convert into 100 flour. Bakers will take 15 flour and turn it into 6 bread. Using this knowledge we can find that 100 wheat roughly converts into 40 bread, worth a total of 120 food. Feeding each of the colonists involved in this process for the two-day duration of the process costs 30 food, leaving you with a net gain of 90 food every two days or 45 every day. However, the miller and baker are able to work faster than the wheat farmer. The ideal ratio is 6 wheat farmers to 2 millers to 1 baker. This setup costs 90 food to feed over the two-day span that food is being produced, but will supply you with constant bread. At the end of the two days, your net gain of wheat is roughly 630 food or 315 per day. This will leave you with plenty of food to hire all the colonists you want!