Water gatherer

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Water Gatherer
Npc Watergatherer.png
Command Tool
Water Gathering

Water Gatherers will take a bucket from the stockpile via crate or banner and will then go to their post to begin working.

Water gatherers' posts must be placed with the arrow facing a block of water. i.e putting one on the beach on the block touching the water with the arrow facing the water will work correctly.

A water gatherer will then fill the bucket(s) with water and move to the nearest stockpile access point (banner or crate) and then proceed to deposit the water buckets into the stockpile, whilst grabbing more buckets to fill with water. Water gatherers are much faster than water pumps, which can pump water anywhere but at a slower rate, but water pumps do not need food or a stockpile access point. Water pumps still consume buckets and deposit full ones in the stockpile.

To change the limits for wathergatheres the Player has to click the button outline form at their feet. Even when the outline is not visible it will activate the limit settings menu.

Water Gatherer Recipes[edit | edit source]

Item Requirements Default limit Default priority
1 × Bucketwater.png Water Bucket 30 ++