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Science is used to upgrade and advance colonies, the player, and colonists. You can unlock new jobs and upgrade the range of your Banner radius.

Basic Science[edit | edit source]

Icon Science Description Unlocks
Bucketwater.png Water Gathering Unlocks the water gatherer, filling buckets with water from open water Water Gatherer
Bronzeanvil.png Bronze Anvil Unlock the Bronze Anvil, which can process bronze Metal Smith
Flax.png Flax Farming Unlocks flax farmers, required to produce linen. Flax farmer
Bread.png Bread Production A more complex method of food production, for advanced colonies only. Unlocks wheat farmers, the grindstone and the oven. Wheat Farmer, Grinder, Baker
Waterpump.png Water Pump Unlocks the water pump, allowing water to be gathered anywhere albeit at a slower pace Waterpump Worker
Fishcooked.png Fishing Unlocks the fisherman Fisherman, Fish Farmer
Tailorshop.png Tailor Unlock the tailor, who turns flax into linen Tailor
Chickencoop.png Chicken Farming Unlocks the chicken farmer Chicken Farmer, Barley Farmer
Beehive.png Beekeeping Unlocks the beekeeper, which makes (part of) various luxury items and foods Beekeeper
Stove.png Cook Unlocks the cook, which can make meals for your colonists Cook, Olive Farmer, Cabbage Farmer
Luxury Meal.PNG Luxury Meal Unlocks the luxury meal Luxury Meal
Trader.png Traders Unlock trader npcs, which accelerate trading to other colonies
Technologisttable.png Technologist Unlocks the technologist, who crafts Science Bags Technologist, Basic Science Bag
Sciencebagmilitary.png Military science bag Unlocks the Military Science Bag, used for military research Military Science Bag

Advanced Science[edit | edit source]

Those require science bags to research.

Icon Science Description Unlocks
Alkanet.png Herb Farming Unlocks three different herb farmers. The herbs can be used by the dyer Alkanet Farmer, Hollyhock Farmer, Wolfsbane Farmer
Dyertable.png Dyer's Table Unlocks the dyer, who can use herbs to paint certain blocks and lanterns Dyer
Ironwrought.png Iron Smelting Unlocks kiln and bloomery. Kiln Worker, Iron Smelter
Fineryforge.png Finery Forge Unlocks the Finery Forge, which uses cokes to create steel and gold ingots Steel Smelter
Splittingstump.png Splitting Stump Unlocks splitting stumps. Can be used to craft firewood more rapidly than the workbench. Woodcutter
Stonemasonworkbench.png Stonemason's Workbench Unlocks the stonemason, who can craft different varieties of bricks Stonemason
Mint.png Mints & Shops Unlocks mints and shops. Can be used to buy seeds, dirt and other miscellaneous items Minter, Merchant
Lanternyellow.png Lanterns Unlocks the production of lanterns at the anvil and the production of colored lanterns by the dyer
Waxtablet.png Wax Tablet Unlocks the wax tablet, a luxury product
Glider.png Glider A revolutionary way of transport. Essential in reaching new lands. Glider
Commandtool.png Colonization Allows construction of a Colony Starter Kit

Military Science[edit | edit source]

They unlock the respective Guard type and ammunition production.

Icon Science Description
Bow.png Archery Unlocks bow guards and production of bows at the workbench
Crossbow.png Crossbow Unlocks the Crossbow, a more powerful weapon than the bow
Gunsmithshop.png Gunsmith Shop Unlocks the Gunsmith, who processes gunpowder and creates guns
Matchlockgun.png Matchlock Gun Unlocks the Matchlock Gun, an early type of gun

Construction Jobs[edit | edit source]

Unlocks the Construction Worker with the respective build type.

Icon Science Description
Bricksred.png Builder Unlock builder areas for the construction worker
Bronzepickaxe.png Digger Unlock digger areas for the construction worker
Bronzeaxe.png Special Digger Unlock special digger areas for the construction worker

Old World Science[edit | edit source]

Icon Science Description
Coffee.png Coffee Unlocks processing coffeebeans into coffee at the stove
Writerdesk.png Writing Unlocks the writer, able to produce books for enjoyment
Printingpress.png Printing Press Unlocks the printing press, allowing books to be spread much easier

New World Science[edit | edit source]

Icon Science Description
New World Meal.PNG New World Meal Unlocks the New World Meal
Spinningwheel.png Spinningwheel Unlocks the spinning wheel
Cottontowel.png Cotton Towel Unlocks the cotton towel luxury item
Fur.png Fur Unlocks fur processing
Wintercoat.png Wintercoat Unlocks winter coat production

Far East Science[edit | edit source]

Icon Science Description
Rice.png Rice farming Unlocks rice farming
Silkwormcocoon.png Silkworm Farming Unlocks silkworm farming
Spinningwheel.png Spinning wheel Unlocks the spinning wheel
Porcelainraw.png Porcelain Unlocks porcelain production
Tea.png Tea Unlocks tea farming

Tropics Science[edit | edit source]

Icon Science Description
Foofoo.PNG Foofoo Unlocks cooking foofoo
Papyrus.png Papyrus Unlocks papyrus production
Cacao.png Cacao Unlocks cacao farming
Vanilla.png Vanilla Unlocks vanilla farming
Cookies.PNG Cookies Unlocks cookies production
Chocolate.PNG Chocolate Unlocks chocolate production
Sugarcane.png Sugarcane Unlocks sugar cane farming
Diamond.png Diamonds Unlocks processing diamonds
Coffeebeans.png Coffeebean Farming Unlocks the coffeebean farmer