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Colony Survival has the following built-in Commands that can either be entered via chat or at the server console. See also all Controls or the general How to play guide for Colony Survival.

Cheats[edit | edit source]

Command Effect
/cheats on Enable usage of cheat commands
/deus vult [player] Kill all zombies for player or self
/sethealth {value} Set player health to the given value
/loot {item} [amount] [player] Loot an item. Amount defaults to 1 and player to self
/lootall [amount] Add all items to the current colony, amount defaults to 1
/worldseed Show the seed of the current world
/setflight {true|false} Enable or disable flight. Hint: press F to fly
/teleport {npcshop | banner | spawn | crate | player {name} | colony {name} | npc {id} | x y z} Teleport yourself
/teleportother {banner | here | x y z} Teleport another player to his/her banner, to yourself or to a coordinate position
/tps Show current ticks per second value
/time [ day | night | add {hours} ] Show the current time of day or set it to the next day or night time or add the given hours to the current time. Hours can also be negative

Colony Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Effect
/colony addowner {player} [colony] Add player to current colony or the named one
/colony removeowner {player} [colony] Remove player from the current colony or the named one
/colony printhere List colonies within safe area range
/colony setleader {player} [colony] Promote player to current colony leader or the named one

Server Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Effect
/save Run a manual safe of the world to disk.
/backup Safe the world to disk and create a zip file of it
/setspawn Set spawn to the current player position
/whitelist [ clear | add {player} | remove {player} ] Show the whitelist or clear it or add/remove players
/blacklist [ clear | add {player} | remove {player} ] Show the blacklist or clear it or add/remove players

Permissions[edit | edit source]

Command Effect
/addpermission {permission} {player} Add permission to player
/removepermission {permission} {player} Remove permission from player
/addgroup {group} {player} Add permission group to player
/setgroup {group} {player} Set permission group of player
/removegroup {group} {player} Remove permission group from player
/reloadpermission Reload all permissions

Debug Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Effect
/debug colonypoints {value} Set the points value for the active colony
/debug ownall Take ownership for all colonies
/debug lagspike {time} Generate a one time lag spike
/debug setsimspeed {value} Set the simulation speed, 1 is the default setting
/debug getsimspeed Get current simulation speed
/debug resetsimspeed Reset simulation speed to default
/debug printspreadsheet Generate a csv file containing food and luxury items crafting info
/debug researchall Research everything for the current colony
/debug printbiome Print the biome the player is currently in
/debug printbiomerough Print the rough biome data
/debug printbiomeprecise Print the precise biome data
/debug clearcube {number} Clear a cubic area around the player
/debug complexblocks {number} Fill a cubic area around the player with adobe
/debug lightcheck check lighting
/debug texturecheck check a texture
/debug logcategories log item categories
/debug removeblockhere remove a block
/debug placeblockhere place a block
/debug printblockhere print block info
/debug killnpcs kill all npcs
/debug spawnbanner spawn an additional banner
/debug clearinventory clear player inventory
/debug clearstockpile clear active colony stockpile
/debug drain {chunks} drain all water in the surrounding chunks
/debug void debug infos
/debug generateiconmapping {iconfolder} {jsonfolder} regenerate icon mappings without restarting the game
/debug generatetexturemapping {albedo} {emissive} {normal} {height} {json} regenerate texture mappings without restarting the game