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Berry Farmer
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Command Tool
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Berry farming is a job that can be assigned to colonists. Berry farmers will automatically plant berry bushes and harvest them for berries as long as there is a crate within range so that they can interact with the stockpile. Berry farms can be placed with the command tool in an area a maximum size of 48 blocks(8x6 or 12x4). Berry farmers will then take berry seeds and plant bushes to harvest berries from (Note: The player may plant bushes in the area to speed up set up, the farmer will harvest from player placed bushes ONLY if they're placed after the berry area was set up). Each berry harvested is worth 240 calories and 10 happiness. A maximum size berry farm will produce 41 berries (9,840 calories) each day.

Berry farmers wear red clothing.

Efficiency[edit | edit source]

5 x 5 Berry Farm: It Can be more efficient than the larger one

Berry farms of a maximum size produce an average of 41 berries or 9,840 calories every day, if there is a crate touching their berry plot. The berry farmer himself will consume 2,000 of this, leaving you with a net gain of 7,840 calories each day. This is enough to feed 3 colonists per day. However, the extra 1,840 calories left over can be used together with other berry farms. 2 berry farms will produce enough for 7 colonists aside from the berry farmers, as the extra carry-over from the first farm will give the second farm enough output to sustain 4 whole colonists. In other words, 12 berry farms can sustain 47 colonists, and 25 can sustain a clean 98 colonists, as long as all of your berry farmers have crates alongside their plots of land.

Berry bushes do not need to grow before the berries are ripe. The limit for the effectiveness of the berry farmer is limited by the time he needs to gather one berry, the low food value of one berry, and the time he needs to travel to and from crates. The amount of berry bushes in one 'berry field' is irrelevant. Creating larger 'berry fields' than the bare minimum is not necessary.