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AreaJobs are farms that use a designated area to farm a resource. When selected with the Command Tool the player has to click on the ground to specify the starting point and then gets a selection frame to select the area of the farm. The dimension and size of the area is shown as a helper text and the frame switches between green and red color. Green when the area is ok to place the job there and red if it is too small or too large.

Area jobs can be split into two categories: Growable (plants grow and get harvested) and farmable plants where the fruits are harvested.

Growable[edit | edit source]

For growable plants the efficiency is limited by the growth speed of the plants, meaning the larger the area, the better. Usually the largest farm area is a 10x10 plot (with up to 3 height difference) with only the Forester being an exception (3x33 is most efficient). If a 10x10 plot cannot be placed the next best sizes are 9x11 (99 total), 7x14 (98 total) or 6x16 (96 total).

Farmable[edit | edit source]

For farmable plants the effiency is limited by the walking distance of the colonist worker, meaning the smaller the better. Almost all farms have a minimum requirement of 15 blocks which can be achieved by a 1x15 plot. But such a plot can add unwanted walking distances, most commonly used are 3x7 or 5x5 plots. Olive trees are an exception requiring a minimum area of 3x9.

Optimal Farm Sizes[edit | edit source]

Type Optimal size Farms
Growable / Field
  • 10x10 (100 total)
  • 9x11 (99 total)
  • 7x14 (98 total)
  • 3x33 (11 trees)
  • 3x30 (10 trees)
  • 9x9 (9 trees)
Olive Tree
  • 3x9 (3 trees)
  • 3x7 (21 total)
  • 5x5 (25 total)
  • 1x15 (15 total)
  • 3x3 (9 total)