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Release date
July 26th, 2019
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0.7.0 is the version of Colony Survival released on July 26th, 2019.


  • Added a new terrain generator with proper biomes and more landscape features
  • Added an entirely new system for saving chunks and block data
  • Added support for owning multiple colonies
  • Added support for a colony having multiple owners (= co-op)
  • Added support for hosting and playing on a LAN without an Internet connection
  • Added a co-op menu to easily host worlds for co-op (worlds are seperate from singleplayer)
  • Added support for remotely administrating a server using colonyserverrcon.exe
  • Replaced/upgraded a lot of internal systems in order to fix various bugs, performance and code maintenance issues
  • Noticeably reduced network traffic required and reduced the CPU usage of networking
  • Generally improved performance of both the client and server
  • Improved mod support in preparation for Steam workshop support; a lot of content based modding can be done through config files now
  • Optimized loading so it should work quicker on slow hard drives
  • Added basic trade deals between colonies
  • Added basic science sharing agreements between colonies
  • Added gliders as a form of transport
  • Added the Grocery Shop Vendor. Colonists require to visit one every day to get their food and luxury items
  • Added a whole heap of new items, jobs and science
  • Added support for making “3D farms”, to better deal with building on hills
  • Added a happiness system (gives benefits for providing a nice variety of food and luxury items)
  • Reworked a lot of icons to be much more visually pleasing
  • Reworked a lot of blocks to be an actual object instead of a cube (like the bronze anvil - it's an anvil now)
  • Removed the requirement for seeds from farmers
  • And a lot of other things