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Release date
November 17th, 2017
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0.4.2 is the version of Colony Survival released on November 17th, 2017.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

  • Changed zombie updating script:
    • Don't teleport anymore when the server lags (they pause instead).
    • Significantly better performance for zombies that are "just walking"
    • Significantly better performance for zombies that are looking for other targets to consider
    • Overall, servers should support 2-8× as much zombies as on 0.4.1, depending on how complex mazes are.
  • Changed player collision scripts substantially, fixing ground phasing issues (not the ones where you place blocks on a player though)
  • Changed savegame region saving to be more resistant to crashing. This does not solve the problem of jobs being broken after a server crash, but does fix regions resetting
  • The items required for a colonist to take a job are now refunded upon them leaving that job
  • Temporarily limit the "delete" button in the load world menu. It has to be clicked 3 times in a row to work, this should be improved in the future (a full confirmation box)
  • Fixed a variety of crash issues (related to the new torch rendering from 0.4)
  • Fixed an issue causing the wrapper to crash
  • Fixed an issue leaving the colonyserver process open if the dedicated wrapper crashes
  • Fixed the requirements text of crafting limits to work with > 4 requirements
  • Shorten stockpile counts of > 100 000 to > 100K
  • Added Korean localization and updated other languages