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Release date
November 10th, 2017
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0.4.1 is the version of Colony Survival released on November 10th, 2017.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Added a command line wrapper so the game can run on a VPS. Use colonyserverdedicated.exe (works on Linux as well, it's mono)
  • Added a dedicated server tool to Steam / SteamCMD - app_id 748090
  • Added configurable job crafting priorities; by default ammunition types are high priority, ingredients medium and the rest low priority.
  • Added "/lootall [amount]" command, to loot most notable blocks.
  • Guards now prioritize zombies with health closer to their max damage (slingers shoot weak ones, muskets strong ones), in addition to shooting the closest one.
  • Improve usability of the crafting limits interface: Limit shown is now the actual limit of items made, not recipes made. Also shows missing ingredients in red, and the amount currently in the stockpile.
  • Added a 3× damage modifier if punching with an iron sword
  • Usage of "/setflight" is now stored (no need to type it every time)
  • To eliminate some confusion, unused stockpile slots (the white ones) above 60 (the initial ones) will be removed when unused

Performances[edit | edit source]

  • Possibly fix an issue where colonists would randomly fail to find a path once (but succeed on repeated attempts)
  • Increase path complexity limit because increased pathfinding performance allows it
  • Fixed an issue where others' banners would be less safe for you than for them (the half-half colored block from other banners was not safe)
  • Changed colonists code to update less often (more performant)
  • Slightly improved performance from lots of colonists progress indicators
  • Fixed an issue causing the server to re-save all player data despite most of it being untouched
  • Improved server quitting speed by multithreading a part of it
  • Improved server loading speed by multithreading a part of it
  • Fix siege mode being activated while loading a world